Top 10 Indian Courier Services Providers in 2020

Are you looking for the best courier services provider companies available in India? It is right the place to learn more about top 10 escort bordeaux courier services companies available. Through this blog, sharing my views on the future growth of Courier business in India with top Indian courier companies available.

Till 1985, people had fewer options to got courier services in India and were depended on Indian Postal Services to send postal ankara bayan escort articles and parcels. Larger courier parcels were handled by national parcel companies.

The first step in courier services was taken by Skypak-A Mumbai based company, on listening future growth of India in the electronics and telecom sector ushered by the then Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi.

The modern face of courier services industry was then born and it grew on the innovation and extensive use of computer and telecom network. This growth could be only possible due to the speedy advancement of Information Technology.

IT Industry possibly managed courier services sector to meet the demands of customers who wanted their articles to be delivered the next kızılay escort day anywhere in India.

Then, India Postal Services launched Speed Post to compete with the courier companies. Now courier services industry has grown from basically zero to achieve a big size target of Rs 14000 crore in 2015-16 and is expected to achieve a targeted growth of Rs 20,000 crore in 2019.


An introduction to Goods and Services Tax (GST) and expansion of e-commerce worldwide also benefitted the courier industry in 2017. Due to the outsourcing of logistics is likely to take place on cost rationalization and timely delivery to customers.

With the rise of E-commerce platform based companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong and Myntra, courier service companies have also got a sudden increase in their numbers with good growth. Delivering the shipments on time and safety is one of the biggest challenges of E-commerce services.

Though every industry requires courier’s services, E-commerce companies are always on the lookout for a good delivery service at reasonable rates. It has created a competition for the market and it is hard to pick out a logistics services at reasonable rates and best services.

Are you looking for the best courier services provider? Here presenting the top 10 best logistics services in India which can provide good delivery services around the world:-

1. Indian Postal Service

Https:// Postal services started in India on 1 April 1854 since English Rule. But Indian Postal Service was started in India by Government of India continuing patronage. It is funded by Central Government and its Head office is situated at New Delhi.

First such organization of free India to deliver the parcel, letters, money orders, banking facility, lockers, and Goods supply anywhere in the country.

India Post is the most reliable delivery service in India. Due to involvement and fund by the Government of India, its charges are cheaper than courier service companies.

Indian Postal Service is having the highest number of the post office in the world and covering with maximum reliability.

As per current serviceability and the highest number of Post offices, no other service provider can beat them on ground presently. Even in terms of cost Indian Postal services is more affordable as a courier service.

2. DTDC Courier Services


DTDC is a well-known courier company in the country serving domestic and international courier since 1990. DTDC was started by Mr. Subhasish Chakraborty in 1990. Now it is providing services over 10000 pin codes throughout India.

DTDC is providing services internationally in a collaboration with DHL, Armax, UPS, FedEx, and TNT and supplies more than 240 international destinations in all continents. Headquarter of DTDC is located in Bangalore and is corporate office and delivery centers in all cities. Its major business work is covered by his franchise segments.

Nowadays, the company has tightened franchise sublet system of courier services. Company policies are not very friendly for newcomers. It will be very difficult to fulfill all the formalities of the company in a month even.

Taking the franchise of DTDC is the most costly than all others. They are too specific on the branding and the cost keeps increasing for the beginners whereas the profit is the same as others. Moreover, the payment system is also not in favor of new business owners.

In my opinion, starting your business with DTDC should not be your first choice. But starting as a service provider, it will cost cheaper than Bluedart and higher than all other companies. It is the costing which is going to affect your business most.

3. Overnite Express Courier Services


Overnite Express Ltd is the second largest courier services providing company in India and has spread his wings throughout the country. The company was founded in 1987 by Mr. OP Rajgarhia with domestic courier services. Now the company has offices in all metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bangalore.

Overnite express is growing rapidly and spreading across different cities of India and also has collaborations with all major international company. Now it has over 2,800 plus conveniently located offices including 20 Regional Offices, 58 Area Offices and 37 Mini Hubs which work 24×7 throughout the year.

Now the company serves over 6,000 PIN Codes spread over 1,000 locations across the country.

In comparison with other services provider’s, Overnite Express is rendering outstanding services at competitive rates. The user-friendly interface of the website provides the online platform to the customers to access pickup request, Pincode search, rate calculator, tracking services of the parcel and much more.

In my opinion, starting your business with Overnite may be considered as your first choice. It cost is competitive than all other companies available in India.

4. Bluedart Express


Bluedart Express Limited is also one among the best courier services company in India. Bluedart is also known for speediest courier services. Headquarter of the company is located in Chennai. The company uses Chennai terminal as its hub for receiving and dispatch for national couriers.

Blue Dart was founded in November 1983 by Mr. Tushar Jani and two of his friends namely Mr. Khushroo Dubash and Mr. Clyde Cooper. In the early years, Blue Dart had operations business of international air package express services from India.

For the International segment, the company is affiliated with DHL due to 70% of stock holding. In other ways, DHL is treated as the parent company of the Bluedart.

Services of Bluedart Express is no doubt very effective. But costing wise, it is the most expensive company in India.

As far as company holding and other financial and authorities, you can’t say it as an Indian company. This is also one of the biggest reasons for the company that it doesn’t sublet its franchise option. The company operates efficiently on its own and the profit and interest vests in foreign authorities.

5. First Flight Courier Services



First Flight was started by OP Sahoo in November 1986, with 3 offices at Kolkata, Mumbai & Delhi. Now the company has a network of 1200 offices throughout the country with 9 international offices in prime locations.

To rise to the rank of India’s premier domestic courier company, the company had struggled his journey to this mark. Having rich experience in courier services sector, the company left no stone unturned and also known for the globe- safely, speedily & importantly to the right people.

In my opinion, joining as a business associate with First Flight may be considered as a good choice.

6. Trackon Courier Services


The Company was started in January 2002 under the name “Comcour Couriers Pvt. Ltd” with 2 offices in Delhi and Mumbai at initial. In September 2004, the company changed its name as “TRACKON COURIERS PVT. LTD” and started a nation-wide network.

Now the company has a presence at approx 1400 locations, and also connected by air-mode to all major connected cities. Corporate office of the company is at New Delhi and having its regional Offices at Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Indore, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Patna, Kochi, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

In comparison with other services provider’s, Trackon Courier is also providing outstanding services at fair prices. Website based interface provides the online tracking tool helps the customer.

In my opinion, join as a business associate with Trackon Courier may be considered as your second choice.

7. Gati Limited


Gati initiated express distribution service in India in 1989 and was founded by Mr. Mahendra Agarwal Founder & CEO. Gati was one of the first companies to evolved print Proof of Delivery’ (POD).

The Company initiated practice which is now adopted as a standard norm in the courier services industry. It started his operational services between Madras and Madurai.

Like other courier services companies, Gati also has same services provides door to door courier services in India. The company was the Main hold of the company is extent in South Asian countries. Now the company is having good relations in Bhutan and the foothills of the Himalayas.

8. Professional Courier


The Professional Courier Limited was founded in 1987.  A group of young directors started their courier services business with a high ideology of excellence in service. Courier services business was started from New Delhi at initial.

Now the company is holding 20 regional offices and more than 20K employees and have a good network in many countries and now have a courier services office in New York, Dubai, and Singapore.

9. Shree Maruti Courier Services


Mr. Rambhai H founded Shree Maruti Courier Limited in 1985 at Porbandar . Mokariya as a firm at initial and transfPorbandar.Private Limited Company in 1987 and prolonged its business in other cities of Gujarat and throughout India later.

The company is a major courier services company in India consisting of a nationwide network of approx 1650 outlets and 20 Regional Offices located all over India having more than 5000 employees.

The company renders good courier services to various Nationalized and Scheduled Banks, Government and semi-government sectors, Corporations, and top graded National and Multinational Industrial Houses.

10. Kartrocket


Kartrocket is a newbie in the courier industry and the company started its services in 2012. It has good relations tied-ups with major courier giant like DHL, Aramex, First Flight, eCOM Express and DTDC depending on the service area and the cost.

It gives you the cheapest price option which is mostly depending on your delivery area. With the number of its tie-ups, Kartrocket presently provides its services in all over India.

Though the company is new but have good visionary team leaders in the organization.

If you are curious to know more before starting courier industry business, you must read our blog – Is-courier-services-is-a-good-business-idea/. Surely it will give a clearcut vision of the courier industry.

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