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Amazing International Courier Services to Nepal

Naveen Courier & Cargo provides “The Best International Courier services in Nepal“. With integrated customer support and hassle-free Shipping to Nepal from India, we are known as “The Best Courier Services in India”. With our company, you will find The Best Courier rates around the globe and document support with a tracking facility to Send couriers to Nepal and other countries of the world, which will help everyone to select the Cheapest international courier services in Delhi.

Why choose Naveen Cargo & Courier to Send International Couriers to Nepal?

Features & Benefits

  • Free Pickup Service at no extra cost.
  • Door to Door Pickup and Deliveries at the destination.
  • Nepal Customs guidelines @ no additional Cost.
  • Packaging assistance or self-packaging for Safe Delivery.
  • Amazing customer support till delivery.
  • Cheapest International Courier Services in Delhi.
  • The Best International Courier Service near me is at my doorstep. 

Cheapest International Courier Services in Delhi.

India to Nepal Courier Charges (International Courier Services)

By Air Courier Charges or International Courier Charges

Naveen Courier & Cargo: International Courier to Nepal from Delhi Charges per KG


Delivery Time (Approx)

Courier to Nepal Charges

0.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 1400  

1 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 1999  

1.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 2500  

2 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 3000  

2.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 3400

3 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 3700  

3.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 4000 

4 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 4100  

4.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 4300  

5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 4500  

5.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 5000  

6 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 5500  

6.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 6000  

7 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 6500  

7.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 7000  

8 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 7500  

8.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 8000  

9 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 8500  

9.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 9000  

10 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 10000  

11 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 11000

12 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 12000 

13 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 13000  

14 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 14000  

15 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 15000  

16 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 16000  

17 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 17000  

18 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 18000  

19 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 19000

20 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 20000  

21 KG Onwards up to 100 Kg

5 – 10 Days

Rs 600/- per Kg

Naveen Courier & Cargo: Full Truckload & Part Load Charges for Nepal

Part Load Courier Charges by surface

Advantages of Part Load Transport.

  • Maximizes profit by filling up unused space in trailers and shipping containers.
  • Addresses the driver shortage by consolidating loads so fewer drivers are needed.
  • Addresses the needs of an increased number of manufacturers.
  • Saves maintenance and regulatory costs.
  • The best international courier services in Nepal both Air and Road.
  • Can provide discounted pricing for entities with consistent LTL shipments.

Why we are preferred for Part Load?

– Your consignment will remain safe and intact from the time of pick-up to delivery.

– Our fleet of trucks is managed by a knowledgeable team so little or no or no chance of error.

– GPS-enabled part load trucks to supply you with real-time updates of your consignment.

– Better part load services at minimized operational cost.

– We use advanced transport technology to form transportation smoothly and straightforwardly.

Full Truck Load Charges (Best & Economical)

1. FTL or Full Truckload Shipment

Full truckload services, commonly referred to as FTL, is a type of transportation mode in which a truck carries one dedicated shipment. Such a journey is reserved for one shipment for a particular destination only. FTL Transportation has several advantages over other means of transportation.

Advantages of FTL or Full Truckload Shipping

  • FTL shipments get to the destination sooner, with No other pickups or drop-offs along the way.
  • FTL transport means less handling and a rare chance of loss or damage.
  • On Time delivery and tech solution ie Online GPS Tracking facility.
  • Direct transportation and no gap between customer and transporter.
  • Door-to-door delivery with no bulk breaking.
  • Wide range of transportation, LTL shipping, courier, intermodal shipping, etc
  • Privileged clients get discounted pricing with consistent FTL shipments.


AK Tanwar

Good company with nice staff. I have found their services best each and every time including Courier and full truckload for Nepal


My pharmaceutical business is using Naveen Courier to ship products to my customers for years now. Amazing rates and quick delivery time for both local/ international shipments. Keep up the good work🙏


Pooja Jadhav

Excellent customer service, very prompt, and brilliant packaging…. Naveen is not only a professional but an excellent human being. He went all the way to collect my international package to the airport on time and delivered it 1000 km far to my home safely … Thnku so much ….☺

How to Calculate Parcel Weight for Courier to Nepal?

There are two types of weight ie actual weight and volumetric weight. If the actual weight is higher, that shall be counted for calculation, and if the dimensional weight is higher while Shipping from India to Nepal Parcel, then volumetric weight shall be considered for calculation. So do weighing and volumetric calculations yourself, and know which is higher, use the following formula for accounting:-

India to Nepal Shipping Time

Don’t worry about the pickup locations. Naveen Cargo & Courier Express has partnered with top-notch logistic services solutions like DHL, FexEx, and Aramax International, having many hubs all over India. We have quick and fast pickup services from Pan India. You may send couriers from Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, Gurgaon, or anywhere in India with Full Satisfaction.

Documents required for International Courier Services from India to Nepal

Naveen Cargo & Courier, a logistic service provider is specialized in International Courier Services both air and surface and has an expert team for its documentation. We shall help in clearing customs without any hassle. We require the following documents to send your parcel from India to anywhere in Nepal. We can also help you if you don’t have these documents, in that case, contact our customer support team for any alternatives.

Documents required for sending personal couriers from India to Nepal
  • List of Items that you are sending has a value of less than Rs 25,000/-.
  • Consigner KYC Documents like Aadhar cards, Pan Cards, Voter Cards or Passport Copy, etc.
  • Bill of item/items if it is newly purchased.

Documents required for sample product couriers from India to Nepal

  • Photo ID Of Authorized Signatory
  • Sign proof of the Company’s Authorized Signatory
  • Address Proof of Company
  • GST Registration number of Shipper
  • Performa Invoice or simply a packaging list

Documents required for sending commercial couriers from India to Nepal

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Airway Bill/ Bill of Laden
  • AD Code (Must registered with related custom)
  • Purchase Order or Letter of Credit
  • Shipper’s Letter of Instruction
  • Import Export Code of Consigner
  • Exim Code of Consignee
  • Test Report/ Inspection Certificate or Certificate of Origin
  • ID Proofs of Consignee

Documents required for sending Liquids, Chemical Powder (Sample) from India to Nepal

  • Packaging List
  • MSDS Certificate
  • Lab Reports/COA/Test Report
  • Non-Dangerous Goods confirmation
  • ID Proofs of Consignee
  • GST Copy & Pan Copy of the shipping company

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1. How should I pack the parcel to be sent from Delhi to Nepal?

Yes, Naveen Cargo & Courier provides free packaging services for its customers in Delhi. For customers outside Delhi, basic packing has to be done by the consigner. Once the parcel is received in our warehouse in Delhi, we may do repacking or send it as packed as per international standards.

Que 2. What is the delivery time of the parcel to Nepal?

When you book through Naveen Courier & Cargo, your estimated transit time will be 4-6 working days. This time shall be calculated from shipping from our HO Delhi and 6 working days may be calculated accordingly.

Que 3. When do we need to make the payment for the courier to Nepal?

Firstly, you need to make a small advance payment while booking the shipment with our network, and later once the parcel is received at HO Delhi Warehouse, we will share the GST invoice and payment link so that you can easily make the payment.

Que 4. What are the customs duties applied in Nepal?

Generally, minimal or no duties are applied to personal goods or gifts sent to Nepal. In case duties are applied at the customs office, it needs to be paid by the consignee in Nepal. For that, kindly mentioned the consignee’s Mobile No, email, and address clearly.

Que 5. What documents are required to send a parcel from Delhi to Nepal?

Two personal IDs and the KYC of the consigner are required to send a courier from India to Nepal.

Que 6. Should we need to drop the parcel off at Naveen Courier & Cargo warehouse or it will be picked up from our address?

We offer two types of options to our customers. If you want to drop the parcel at our address, you will be offered a discount of INR 20/kg. We can also pick up the parcel from your address.

Que 7. How to track my Parcel Delivery?

Naveen Courier & Cargo provide tracking details once the parcel is dispatched to Nepal. You can track it on the official website of the carrier.

Que 8. Do you offer Duty Paid Services?

Duty Paid Services are available for certain countries. You can contact and +91-9319418930 to know more.

Que 9. Do we need to provide the invoice for the products?

No, only 2 IDs of the consigner are required to send the parcel to Nepal.

Que 10. What is chargeable weight and how it’s calculated?

The higher the actual weight and volumetric weight the chargeable weight. If the actual weight is 15 KGs and the volumetric weight is 20 KGs, the chargeable weight will be 20 KGs. You can learn more about volumetric weight here

Que 11. Can I send homemade food to Nepal?

Yes, we can send homemade food to Nepal, however, contact us at and +91-9319418930 to know more.

Rated EXCELLENT by 90 customers for ‘The Best International Courier Services in India.

Ashok Kumar

Local Guide·114 reviews·9 photos

Good company with nice staff. I have found their services best each and every time including Courier and full truckload for Nepal.



Good and well-organized Logistics company especially in Nepal. I am fully satisfied with the services they offer at the most reasonable prices possible in New Delhi. You must try their services and experience them yourself.



Avina Dubey

Amazing courier service, and very dedicated personnel. Special mention to Mr. Rahul for seamless delivery.
Very quick and prompt. Round-the-clock service!


Bindu Mammen

Excellent well organized service, my parcel was delivered before the expected time. Rahul was very helpful too ..





I had arranged to meet up at IGIA, New Delhi to dispatch my parcel before my domestic flight at terminal T3. Agent was waiting for me and received the parcel. I had paid for 25kg but it was found to be 30kg which I paid upon delivery. There was no delay due to the excess weight.


Pooja Jadhav

Local Guide·20 reviews·18 photos

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Excellent customer service, very prompt, and brilliant packaging… Naveen is not only a professional but an excellent human being. He went all the way to collect my international package to the airport on time and delivered it 1000 km far to my home safely … Thanks so much…



My pharmaceutical business is using Naveen Courier to ship products to my customers for years now. Amazing rates and quick delivery time for both local and international shipments. Keep up the good work.


Neeraj Dhiman

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I am posting this review on the basis of my recent experience with Naveen Associates.
I received my courier in Australia (Canberra) from New Delhi. I must admit that I …More


Fatema Lilywala

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

They were extremely helpful, they even offered to pickup courier up and parcel it for me when I couldn’t do it myself. Was delivered in perfect condition and in said time.! Amazing experience



Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

They collected my luggage from T3 terminal international airport Delhi. It is a very good service for international passengers traveling on a domestic flight to avoid extra baggage. It is delivered within 3 days.


Navo Navo

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

Most prompt and best courier service given to me by Naveen Associates Delhi. My important documents reached my home in Kolkatta in the next 2 days only. Thanks to their punctual and speedy courier service. I’d always take services and …More



I really appreciated it when my packet picked up and was delivered on time. Good value for money and time delivery every time. Recommending everyone for courier services-Actually Best Courier Services in Delhi NCR.


Prashant Singh Chand

Amazing Courier service by Naveen Associates and on-time delivery. Best customer support and are always available to help out. I would highly recommend Naveen Associates and definitely use it for my couriers in the future too.


Mels Beauty

Very reliable service. The best courier for International shipments in Delhi. Very affordable rates. Excellent


Rahul Kumar

Dear friends, my packet was delivered at my address within 2 days from Delhi to Bihar. So friends I like it. Their courier services are secure and very fast. It is one of the best courier services.


Pawan Singh Rathore

My reverse pickup from Ranchi was picked up and delivered to me at Mahipalpur just in 3 days. Actually, it is a very good Courier Company. I am especially thankful to Mr. Rahul Tanwar-Operation Manager of Naveen Associates.


Chris Gaming

Trustable and professional courier organization. I made them deliver my luggage from Delhi to Kerala..They came to Delhi airport to pick up the luggage even though it was 2 am at the night.


Gaurav kurlekar

Timely delivery that too at competitive prices even during pandemic situations wherein other services refused to deliver at confinement zones. Regards to Rahul Tanwar for opting for Fed ex services when Professional couriers refused to deliver.


Prima Medicare

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I really appreciate Rahul Tanwar and his professional way of working. I enquired about a full truck consignment from Delhi to Kathmandu. Fair prices were charged and it took 8 days including customs clearance at the Sonali border.
I personally recommend the services.


Maham Ifra

Positive: Responsiveness

I’m really very happy for a good service……My package delivered very quickly…..I really appreciate……Just go for it …..Many Thanks To all of u


sayyad sarfaraj

Delivered my courier on time with competitive rates. Good courier office and nice staff. Specially thankful to Rahul Ji. Actually their services are -best courier services in Delhi NCR.


sumit puri

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Very responsive, diligent and excellent service provided.. They are my choice for life now.
Wish them all the best.


Aadil Khan

I like your reverse Pickup from tripur to delhi courier service by Naveen Associates.
Specially thankful to Mr. Tanwar for a good service. Thank you Rahul Sir.



Best services both courier and money transfer. Very cooperative staff. I always use their service only whereas many other are available. Suggesting everyone to use their services.


Sourav Sophia

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I can vouch for these guys. Amazing customer service and dedication towards making things successful. I am impressed and I recommend all with this honest review.


SAGAR Kamalia

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

I am really Happy for a good service..I really appreciate and delivered vary fast thanks too all of u


Tara Singh

Paid for next day delivery. paid for next day delivery, item was delivered exactly on next day. Important documents delivered at right time. Thankful to Naveen Associates


Genish Tandel

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I m very happy to say thank u………nice service….24/7 service is available…..
Good job….


Pravendra Yadav

Good courier services in Rangpuri (Mahipalpur) New Delhi, recommended for companies. Well organised branch and cooperative staff.


Harshill Matta

Excellent courier service. Very friendly staff. 100% trustworthy.


Melissa Toro

Very professional. I have really enjoyed your wonderful service. Much appreciated.


Mohd Sirtaj

Good Courier Company, near to my residence. Good and timely services being provided at best rates. Thanks


Vineet Sharma

Highly recommended for timely and professional services a boutique courier company offering a wide gamut of logistic solutions…!!!


Vikram Singh

Very good and fastest services in all India I like the courier.. thanku rahul ji


Mr. Khan



Sanjay Ag

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Amazing service. Best service to get goods from delhi to Kathmandu at affordable rates


Irvin Joseph

Positive: Professionalism

Very professional i would say , one of the best around . Quick and trustworthy too. Keep up the good work


Tinashe Munanga

Very trustworthy. Best in the business. Thank you so much.






Positive: Responsiveness

Parcel delivered within one hour. Timey and professional communication.


swati chitkara

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Very prompt and fast service. Delivery on time as promised.


Puspender Rajput

quite efficient service and a very fast delivery. Great job keep it up.


R. Sehrawat

The service was good, but the most impressive thing is their staff well groomed and professional and talk well. Service is appreciable.


Dinesh Jhamb

Timely delivery @ best prices. Good team and well maintained office.




Jitender Dhariwal

3 reviews·1 photo

4 years ago

Good agency and best office. Well cooperative and dedicated team.


Nir Roshan



raj rawat

Best courier services timely delivery with best prices…….



Local Guide·13 reviews·13 photos

Positive: Quality, Responsiveness

Delhi (picked up) to Nepal (Home address) 4 days





Subhash Chand

it is a good courier services company … *****


Praveen Singh Sajwan

Good Service From Delhi to Kathmandu. *****


sanjay chauhan

Very good service i like it*****


minki mink

Good service, fast delivery. *****


Roshan Kumar

Thank u very much Naveen Associates. *****


piya thakre

Good and fastest services, thanks


Pramod Kumar

Best courier company*****


Nikhil Kumar Shrivas

Local Guide·42 reviews·21 photos


Vikash Pathak

Thanku Team Naveen Associates. *****


Sackson Pradeep

Positive: Quality

Very excellent service *****


Nitu Wakte

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

Very good in time*****


Prashanthi Nekkanti

Positive: Professionalism

One of the best service*****


Sunil Kumar


Virender S Rawat

Good services of couriers


Adesh Kumar

Good Courier Company. I like their way of working and honesty


Sharvan Rana

Very good service for Rahul Tanwar *****


Harika Sekhar

Best Services both Courier and Cargo*****


priya agarwal



Gaurav Singh



Kushal Saini Boundiya

2 years ago

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value




Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness



Rinky Sehgal Marwaha

Positive: Responsiveness



Prakash Entertainment



Narendra kumar



Ankit Panwar

Local Guide·53 reviews·232 photos



Pritesh Nagarkar

Positive: Responsiveness



Hrushikesh Mane




Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness



ooh yes abhi vlogs



urvinder singh



Sayantika Raul



Hardik Sharma

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value



Sonu Tanwar

Positive: Quality



naaz Sheik

Positive: Quality


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