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Courier and Cargo Services-The Ultimate Guide to Choose a Right Partner

Unveiling the Criteria for Choosing a Courier and Cargo Services

In today’s global economy, businesses of all sizes rely on courier and cargo services to manage their supply chains and deliver goods to customers worldwide. Whether you are a small e-commerce business or a large multinational corporation, selecting the right courier and cargo service provider is essential to ensuring the smooth operation of your business. This article will discuss the importance of assessing your business needs when selecting a courier and cargo service provider and guide the key factors to consider.

When selecting the right courier and cargo service for your business, there are several crucial factors to consider. From reliability and cost-effectiveness to speed and coverage, each element is pivotal in ensuring seamless logistics operations.

Understanding Your Business Needs

First and foremost, it is essential to assess your business needs before selecting a courier and cargo service provider. Each business has unique requirements when it comes to shipping and logistics, and understanding your specific needs is crucial to finding a service provider that can meet those needs effectively. Factors to consider include the volume and frequency of shipments, the types of goods being shipped, the destinations of shipments, and any special requirements such as temperature control or hazardous materials handling.

Before embarking on the quest to find the ideal courier and cargo service, it is imperative to assess your business requirements meticulously. Are you in need of express deliveries or bulk shipments? Do you require international shipping services or last-mile delivery solutions? Understanding your specific needs will guide you in narrowing down the options available to you.

Evaluating the Service Provider’s Reliability

Once you have identified your business needs, the next step is to evaluate potential courier and cargo service providers based on their ability to meet those needs. It is essential to research and compare different providers to identify the one that offers the best combination of services, reliability, and cost. Consider factors such as the range of services offered, the geographic coverage of the provider, their track record for on-time delivery, and their reputation for customer service.

Reliability stands at the forefront of essential qualities to look for in a courier and cargo service provider. Ensuring that your shipments reach their destination safely and on time is non-negotiable. Look for a service with a track record of consistency and dependability, backed by positive reviews and testimonials from other businesses.

Analyzing Cost-Effectiveness and Transparency

While cost is a significant factor in decision-making, it should not be the sole determinant. Opt for a courier and cargo service that offers a balance between affordability and quality. Transparent pricing structures and clear breakdowns of fees will help you avoid hidden costs and budgetary surprises down the line.

Speed and Efficiency in Deliveries

In today’s fast-paced business environment, speed is of the essence. Choose a courier and cargo service that prioritizes efficiency in deliveries without compromising on the safety of your shipments. Timely deliveries can enhance customer satisfaction and contribute to the overall success of your business.

Ensuring Coverage and Reach

The geographical reach of a courier and cargo service is another critical aspect to consider. Whether you operate locally, nationally, or internationally, selecting a service provider with extensive coverage can streamline your logistics operations and expand your market reach. Verify the service provider’s network and capabilities to ensure compatibility with your business goals.


Selecting the right courier and cargo service for your business involves a strategic assessment of various factors, including reliability, cost-effectiveness, speed, coverage, and alignment with your specific needs. By prioritizing these criteria and conducting thorough research, you can secure a service provider that enhances your logistics operations and contributes to the growth of your business.

About Naveen Associates-Courier and Cargo Services

Naveen Associates is known for “The Best Courier and Cargo Services in India”. It is a leading supply chain services company with transportation facilities throughout India and Nepal, located at Rangpuri, Mahipalpur, New Delhi. Our vision is to become the operating system for transport, & couriers in India & Nepal, through a combination of world-class infrastructure, a trained team, logistics operations of the highest quality, and cutting-edge technology capabilities.


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Our Courier and Cargo Services

Amazing History of the Courier Services Since 1776

The history of Courier Services Industry is too old and interesting. The present Courier Services industry faced many challenges in its history. Now we are using them to make our lives more comfortable. The present beautiful and earning face of any industry was so gloomy and poor that can shook us.

The Courier Industry is as old as our first civilization. In ancient times, couriers and important messages were delivered with the help of animals and birds respectively. In ancient history, messages and parcels were hand-delivered using runners, homing pigeons and riders with horses, camels and bullock carts, stagecoaches, trains, bicycles, automobiles, and finally an airplane.

On induction of cycles and vehicles, courier services got boosted. Time-consuming methods have the obsolete and a new era of quick and fast courier services started. The first recorded movement of goods is in Egypt while making the Great Pyramids. They used many methods of transportation to carry their construction goods from long distances.

As per ancient records, as documented records, the first organized courier services were done in Egypt in 2400 BC. In this courier service, runners carried carved stones as the message from one point to another.

In the present time, in the US in 1775, Revere rode through Lexington to pass the message to the residents. Another example is in the Revolutionary War when Ann Hennis Trotter Bailey (Mad Ann) rode 100 miles from Fort Clendenin to Fort Savannah to bring gunpowder.

Next Courier services were seen in 1852 in the US when Wells Fargo was built. In this expedition, Gold and other items were moved to newly established territories by a well-known company. In 1860, Pony Express was built to provide courier services for mail and small packages in St. Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California. Pony Express covers approximately 2000 miles of routes in 10 days. However, the company was sacked on the invention of telegraphic services in 1861.


History of Courier Services


In ancient times, delivering parcels or packets wasn’t an easy task as we see it in present times. We depended on animals and birds to deliver mail. The main animals to send parcels and important messages were Horses, Camels, Bullock carts, Dogs, etc.


Courier Services by Camels:-


In Australia, Camels were used to deliver parcels as well as mail. Camels have the ability to cover long distances with a load. Courier services with the help of camels were given in Gulf countries, many Asian countries, and Australia. With the invention of the railway far and wide, the use of camels lost their importance.



Courier Services by Dogs:-

Dogs were exclusively used in Australia, Alaska, and Canada for courier services. Dog sleds were used to deliver mail and parcels from 1890 to 1963. One such cart having ten dogs carries a load weighing up to 700 lbs!


In olden times, a traveling bag which was called Portmanteau Mail Bag was used as a mailbag. In the 18th-19th Century, courier services of letters and newspapers were transported in these leather mailbags. These types of bags were opened into two sections.


Portmanteau Mail Bag


History of Courier Services by Horses:-



Horses had great importance in ancient empires both on the battlefield and in messaging services. They were used as relay networks to deliver mail and parcels. The Hanseatic League was documented as having regular courier services by the horse in 1274 and it was run between the principal towns and castles.

By the end of the 16th century, the horse courier services network had stretched out to cover Europe and Asia completely. In 1860 (USA), the Pony Express delivered mail and parcels on a relay network from East to West across North America. Horses are still used to deliver mail and parcels today in remote parts of Tibet, China, and also at the bottom of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.


Ancient Greece History of Courier Services

In ancient Greece, a sophisticated system of courier services was established to facilitate communication and trade between city-states. Known as the “Hermes System,” this network employed human couriers who would run from one city-state to another, carrying important messages and documents. These couriers were known as “hemerodromoi” and were highly respected for their speed and reliability.

The Hermes System played a crucial role in the success of ancient Greece. It allowed for the rapid dissemination of news, ensuring that military commanders were notified of developments on the battlefield and that political leaders could communicate with one another efficiently. The system also facilitated trade, as merchants could send orders and receive updates on the availability of goods in different cities.


Courier Services by Bicycle:-


The bicycles were used for courier services by Bicycle messengers (Cycle Couriers) to deliver parcels, messages, and courier packets. It is still in vogue in the rural areas of many underdeveloped countries and crowded cities. Courier services with Bicycle messengers are also found in metropolitan areas. Courier companies use bike and cycle messengers because it is convenient to carry/pick up in traffic jam areas.


The biggest advantage it is economical, speedy in populous localities, and pollution-free. Parking limitations, fees, or fines also make the bicycle more convenient and helpful to courier services.



The Modern History of Courier Services

The courier services Industry has experienced lots of changes since 2400 BC till today. With innovations in technologies, the industry has also changed its courier delivery vehicles, speed, area, and policies with time. Now it is led by expert carriers and fleets to carry its international load and packages.


With new inventions in the automobile industry, the Courier industry also stepped together with more speed since 1907 and parcels can now be sent all over the world in as little as one day. The latest development of the Internet opened its gateway to international parcel delivery with tracking and allowed the sender and receiver with the current status of their courier.


Latest Technology for Courier Delivery by Drone


In recent years, technological advancements have revolutionized the courier service industry once again. Delivery drones have emerged as a cutting-edge solution for fast and efficient deliveries. These unmanned aerial vehicles can navigate through the air, bypassing traffic and physical obstacles, to deliver packages to precise locations.


Delivery drones offer numerous advantages. They can reach remote areas that are otherwise difficult to access, providing essential supplies to communities in need. Drones also reduce carbon emissions associated with traditional delivery methods, contributing to a more sustainable future. As technology continues to advance, the delivery drone courier service is poised to transform the way we send and receive goods.


Brief timeline developments of modern courier companies are given below for your information.



UPS Express Courier


Jim Cassey is known as the Big Four Carrier.  He started courier services in 1907 in Seattle in the US. He borrowed $100 from his friend and created a courier services company which is now known as UPS today. In 1907, the company began its courier services with just one vehicle on the West Coast of the US.


Jim Cassey started focusing on delivery packages for retailers in 1913 by acquiring a car and soon merged with other competitors. In 1916, he joined hands with Charlie Soderstrom and acquired more vehicles to grow their business. With his partners, Jim Cassey renamed his company i.e. United Parcel Services (UPS) expanded their courier services operation throughout Pacific Cost. By 1930, UPS started offering daily pick-ups and streamlined their business properly.


In 1930, it expanded its operation to the East Coast and started expansion to an already grown business. They also introduced conveyor belt technology to handle packages. In 1953, UPS started their air courier services between the West and East coasts (US). In 1977, UPS started air services to all states in the USA.


UPS started their own aircraft and became an airliner officially in 1988. By 1989, UPS expanded its courier services to more than 175 countries. In 1992, UPS introduced electronic tracking for ground parcels. In 1994, launched its official website, and in 1996, launched online tracking software providing a real-time image of the recipient’s signature to the courier.




In 1946, TNT started their courier services as KW Transport with a single truck. The company was founded by Mr. Ken Thomas who started his services in Australia. 12 years later, KW Transport changed its name to TNT in 1958. In 1978, TNT started its courier services in the UK and became Britain’s first-ever door-to-door next-day delivery service. To fasten their courier services, in 1982, TNT started “Sameday Delivery” courier services in Britain.


In 1997, TNT launched Electronic Proof of Delivery for their courier. They also started to collect parcels within 30 minutes of a customer’s request which further became a trend line for other courier services companies. TNT launched an advanced track and trace system in 2002. This facility enabled customers to track parcels through the web and also with mobiles by WAP, SMS, and email.




DHL was founded in 1969 as the first international courier services provider company. The company provided great services by carrying documents to the customs office for Customs clearance before reaching of flight and provided grounds to pass goods without delay. DHL opened territories in the Far East in 1969.

In 1972, DHL established its offices in Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia and expanded its business overseas. In 1974, the company extended its services to the UK, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand, and Malaysia with 500000 shipments daily.

DHL opened express courier services in Europe initially. DHL started SMS Services Information initially and was later adopted by other courier services companies.



FedEx was founded on 18 June 1971 in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States by Frederick W. Smith. FedEx initially took delivery of 186 packages on the first night and showed its great presence in the industry. By the end of 2000, FedEx became a global brand of courier services and extended its courier services throughout the globe.

Summary of Courier Industry


Today, the courier industry is flourishing daily with double-digit growth and fulfilling their customer’s daily needs. Starting a Courier Service is a good business idea with low investment and high profit and the E-commerce industry has also added good potential to the courier industry and thus created plenty of options for your delivery needs. It is just a matter of a day or two to deliver any shipment around the world. Businesses and individuals can ship documents and packages to recipients within one business day and within the same business day if sent out by a certain time and the destination is within a certain distance.


Courier resellers in the market have made courier services much speedier and customer’s oriented. Now Small businessmen and individuals get competitive rates and easy access to a vast network. The Internet revolution has facilitated the courier industry and reduced paperwork at a reduced cost of shipping. You can see cheaper costs of courier agencies in comparison to national postal services.


In modern times, the courier industry has extended its delivery network more than ever and widened its wings to remote locations of the world. The present facilities are developing day by day at a rapid rate and making life more convenient than ever before. The history of courier services is a testament to human ingenuity and the constant need for efficient communication and trade. From the use of animal couriers in ancient civilizations to the cutting-edge delivery drones of today, courier services have evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of society.


Each era has brought about new innovations and improvements, enabling faster, more reliable, and more sustainable deliveries. As we look to the future, it is clear that the courier service industry will continue to adapt and embrace new technologies, ensuring that goods and information can be swiftly transported to their intended destinations.


Are you looking for the best courier services provider companies available in India? It is right the place to learn more about Top 10 courier company in India. Through this blog, we are sharing our views on Top 10 courier company in India and their future growth in courier business in India.


Till 1985, people had fewer options to got courier services in India and were depended on Indian Postal Services to send postal articles and parcels. Larger courier parcels were handled by national parcel companies. The first step in courier services was taken by Skypak-A Mumbai based company, on listening future growth of India in the electronics and telecom sector ushered by the then Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi.


The modern face of courier services industry was then born and it grew on the innovation and extensive use of computer and telecom network. This growth could be only possible due to the speedy advancement of Information Technology. IT Industry possibly managed courier services sector to meet the demands of customers who wanted their articles to be delivered the next day anywhere in India.


Then, India Postal Services launched Speed Post to compete with the courier companies. Now courier services industry has grown from basically zero to achieve a big size target of Rs 14000 crore in 2015-16 and is expected to achieve a targeted growth of Rs 20,000 crore in 2019. An introduction to Goods and Services Tax (GST) and expansion of e-commerce worldwide also benefitted the courier industry in 2017. Due to the outsourcing of logistics is likely to take place on cost rationalization and timely delivery to customers.


With the rise of E-commerce platform based companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong and Myntra, courier service companies have also got a sudden increase in their numbers with good growth. Delivering the shipments on time and safety is one of the biggest challenges of E-commerce services. Though every industry requires courier’s services, E-commerce companies are always on the lookout for a good delivery service at reasonable rates. It has created a competition for the market and it is hard to pick out a logistics services at reasonable rates and best services.


Are you looking for the best courier services provider? Here presenting the Top 10 courier company in India which can provide good delivery services around the world:-

Top 10 courier company in India

1. Top 10 courier company in India

Postal services started in India on 1 April 1854 since English Rule. But Indian Postal Service was started in India by Government of India continuing patronage. It is funded by Central Government and its Head office is situated at New Delhi.

First such organization of free India to deliver the parcel, letters, money orders, banking facility, lockers, and Goods supply anywhere in the country. India Post is the most reliable delivery service in India. Due to involvement and fund by the Government of India, its charges are cheaper than courier service companies.

Indian Postal Service is having the highest number of the post office in the world and covering with maximum reliability. India Postal service is on first rank in Top 10 courier company in India.

As per current serviceability and the highest number of Post offices, no other service provider can beat them on ground presently. Even in terms of cost Indian Postal services is more affordable as a courier service.


2. DTDC Courier Services


DTDC is a well-known courier company in the country serving domestic and international courier since 1990. DTDC was started by Mr. Subhasish Chakraborty in 1990. Now it is providing services over 10000 pin codes throughout India.

DTDC is providing services internationally in collaboration with DHL, Armax, UPS, FedEx, and TNT and supplies more than 240 international destinations in all continents. Headquarter of DTDC is located in Bangalore and is corporate office and delivery centers in all cities. Its major business work is covered by his franchise segments.

Nowadays, the company has tightened franchise sublet system of courier services. Company policies are not very friendly for newcomers. It will be very difficult to fulfill all the formalities of the company in a month even.

Taking the franchise of DTDC is the most costly than all others. They are too specific on the branding and the cost keeps increasing for the beginners whereas the profit is the same as others. Moreover, the payment system is also not in favor of new business owners. DTDC Courier is on second rank in Top 10 courier company in India.

In my opinion, starting your business with DTDC should not be your first choice. But starting as a service provider, it will cost cheaper than Bluedart and higher than all other companies. It is the costing which is going to affect your business most.


3. Delivery Courier

Since its inception in 2011, our team has successfully fulfilled over 2 billion orders across India. We have built a nation-wide network with a presence in every state, servicing over 18,600 pin codes. 24 automated sort centres, 94 gateways, 2880 direct delivery centres, and a team of over 57,000 people make it possible for us to deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In my opinion, joining as a business associate with Delivery courier services may be considered as a good choice. is Delivery Courier on third rank in Top 10 courier company in India.


4. Bluedart Express


Bluedart Express Limited is also one among the best courier services company in India. Bluedart is also known for speediest courier services. Headquarter of the company is located in Chennai. The company uses Chennai terminal as its hub for receiving and dispatch for national couriers.

Blue Dart was founded in November 1983 by Mr. Tushar Jani and two of his friends namely Mr. Khushroo Dubash and Mr. Clyde Cooper. In the early years, Blue Dart had operations business of international air package express services from India.

For the International segment, the company is affiliated with DHL due to 70% of stock holding. In other ways, DHL is treated as the parent company of the Bluedart. bluedart Express is also among Top 10 courier company in India. Services of Bluedart Express is no doubt very effective. But costing wise, it is the most expensive company in India.

As far as company holding and other financial and authorities, you can’t say it as an Indian company. This is also one of the biggest reasons for the company that it doesn’t sublet its franchise option. The company operates efficiently on its own and the profit and interest vests in foreign authorities.


5. Naveen Associates


Naveen Associates was started by AK Tanwar in September 2018, with 3 offices at Delhi, Noida & Sonauli. It is No. 1 ranking on Google Page of “Best Courier Services in Delhi NCR” and also an Independent Leading Airport Cargo Service Provider in India with a successful journey. It is also known for its quality services and the Best Cargo Services in Delhi NCR. It has a truly professional foundation culture of continuous improvement and commitment to client service as we offer delivery of the particular product at the proper place at the right time with documentation records.

It also have registered its presence with our exclusive network in the courier, Express Cargo (FTL & LTL), and transportation industries both in India and Nepal and also have relations and bonds to serve in Nepal from Delhi NCR by valuing the one-to-one relationship. Naveen Associates is also among  Top 10 courier company in India.

Naveen Associates is also engaged in the logistic business from India to Nepal Transport Service. It is providing a reliable, proficient, and operative logistics service at a very reasonable price. With more than 6 years of experience in this field, it has a highly dedicated, experienced, professional, and innovative team in providing quality service to our valuable customers.

In my opinion, joining as a business associate with Naveen Associates may be considered as a good choice.


6. Trackon Courier Services


The Company was started in January 2002 under the name “Comcour Couriers Pvt. Ltd” with 2 offices in Delhi and Mumbai at initial. In September 2004, the company changed its name as “TRACKON COURIERS PVT. LTD” and started a nation-wide network.

Now the company has a presence at approx 1400 locations, and also connected by air-mode to all major connected cities. Corporate office of the company is at New Delhi and having its regional Offices at Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Indore, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Patna, Kochi, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

In comparison with other services provider’s, Trackon Courier is also providing outstanding services at fair prices. Website based interface provides the online tracking tool helps the customer. Trackon Courier is also among  Top 10 courier company in India.

In my opinion, join as a business associate with Trackon Courier may be considered as your optional choice.


7. Gati Limited


Gati initiated express distribution service in India in 1989 and was founded by Mr. Mahendra Agarwal Founder & CEO. Gati was one of the first companies to evolved print Proof of Delivery’ (POD).

The Company initiated practice which is now adopted as a standard norm in the courier services industry. It started his operational services between Madras and Madurai.

Like other courier services companies, Gati also has same services provides door to door courier services in India. The company was the Main hold of the company is extent in South Asian countries. Now the company is having good relations in Bhutan and the foothills of the Himalayas.


8. Professional Courier- Top 10 courier company in India

The Professional Courier Limited was founded in 1987.  A group of young directors started their courier services business with a high ideology of excellence in service. Courier services business was started from New Delhi at initial.

Now the company is holding 20 regional offices and more than 20K employees and have a good network in many countries and now have a courier services office in New York, Dubai, and Singapore.


9. Shree Maruti Courier Services


Mr. Rambhai H founded Shree Maruti Courier Limited in 1985 at Porbandar. Mokariya as a firm at initial and transfPorbandar.Private Limited Company in 1987 and prolonged its business in other cities of Gujarat and throughout India later.

The company is a major courier services company in India consisting of a nationwide network of approx 1650 outlets and 20 Regional Offices located all over India having more than 5000 employees.

The company renders good courier services to various Nationalized and Scheduled Banks, Government and semi-government sectors, Corporations, and top graded National and Multinational Industrial Houses.


10. Kartrocket


Kartrocket is a newbie in the courier industry and the company started its services in 2012. It has good relations tied-ups with major courier giant like DHL, Aramex, First Flight, eCOM Express and DTDC depending on the service area and the cost.

It gives you the cheapest price option which is mostly depending on your delivery area. With the number of its tie-ups, Kartrocket presently provides its services in all over India.

Though the company is new but have good visionary team leaders in the organization.

If you are curious to know more before starting courier industry business, you must read our blog – Is-courier-services-is-a-good-business-idea/. Surely it will give a clear-cut vision of the courier industry.


Amazing International Courier Services to Nepal

Naveen Courier & Cargo provides “The Best International Courier services in Nepal“. With integrated customer support and hassle-free Shipping to Nepal from India, we are known as “The Best Courier Services in India”. With our company, you will find The Best Courier rates around the globe and document support with a tracking facility to Send couriers to Nepal and other countries of the world, which will help everyone to select the Cheapest international courier services in Delhi.

Why choose Naveen Cargo & Courier to Send International Couriers to Nepal?

Features & Benefits

  • Free Pickup Service at no extra cost.
  • Door to Door Pickup and Deliveries at the destination.
  • Nepal Customs guidelines @ no additional Cost.
  • Packaging assistance or self-packaging for Safe Delivery.
  • Amazing customer support till delivery.
  • Cheapest International Courier Services in Delhi.
  • The Best International Courier Service near me is at my doorstep. 

Cheapest International Courier Services in Delhi.

India to Nepal Courier Charges (International Courier Services)

By Air Courier Charges or International Courier Charges

Naveen Courier & Cargo: International Courier to Nepal from Delhi Charges per KG


Delivery Time (Approx)

Courier to Nepal Charges

0.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 1400  

1 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 1999  

1.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 2500  

2 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 3000  

2.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 3400

3 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 3700  

3.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 4000 

4 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 4100  

4.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 4300  

5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 4500  

5.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 5000  

6 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 5500  

6.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 6000  

7 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 6500  

7.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 7000  

8 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 7500  

8.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 8000  

9 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 8500  

9.5 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 9000  

10 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 10000  

11 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 11000

12 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 12000 

13 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 13000  

14 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 14000  

15 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 15000  

16 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 16000  

17 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 17000  

18 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 18000  

19 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 19000

20 KG

5 – 10 Days

Rs. 20000  

21 KG Onwards up to 100 Kg

5 – 10 Days

Rs 600/- per Kg

Naveen Courier & Cargo: Full Truckload & Part Load Charges for Nepal

Part Load Courier Charges by surface

Advantages of Part Load Transport.

  • Maximizes profit by filling up unused space in trailers and shipping containers.
  • Addresses the driver shortage by consolidating loads so fewer drivers are needed.
  • Addresses the needs of an increased number of manufacturers.
  • Saves maintenance and regulatory costs.
  • The best international courier services in Nepal both Air and Road.
  • Can provide discounted pricing for entities with consistent LTL shipments.

Why we are preferred for Part Load?

– Your consignment will remain safe and intact from the time of pick-up to delivery.

– Our fleet of trucks is managed by a knowledgeable team so little or no or no chance of error.

– GPS-enabled part load trucks to supply you with real-time updates of your consignment.

– Better part load services at minimized operational cost.

– We use advanced transport technology to form transportation smoothly and straightforwardly.

Full Truck Load Charges (Best & Economical)

1. FTL or Full Truckload Shipment

Full truckload services, commonly referred to as FTL, is a type of transportation mode in which a truck carries one dedicated shipment. Such a journey is reserved for one shipment for a particular destination only. FTL Transportation has several advantages over other means of transportation.

Advantages of FTL or Full Truckload Shipping

  • FTL shipments get to the destination sooner, with No other pickups or drop-offs along the way.
  • FTL transport means less handling and a rare chance of loss or damage.
  • On Time delivery and tech solution ie Online GPS Tracking facility.
  • Direct transportation and no gap between customer and transporter.
  • Door-to-door delivery with no bulk breaking.
  • Wide range of transportation, LTL shipping, courier, intermodal shipping, etc
  • Privileged clients get discounted pricing with consistent FTL shipments.


AK Tanwar

Good company with nice staff. I have found their services best each and every time including Courier and full truckload for Nepal


My pharmaceutical business is using Naveen Courier to ship products to my customers for years now. Amazing rates and quick delivery time for both local/ international shipments. Keep up the good work🙏


Pooja Jadhav

Excellent customer service, very prompt, and brilliant packaging…. Naveen is not only a professional but an excellent human being. He went all the way to collect my international package to the airport on time and delivered it 1000 km far to my home safely … Thnku so much ….☺

How to Calculate Parcel Weight for Courier to Nepal?

There are two types of weight ie actual weight and volumetric weight. If the actual weight is higher, that shall be counted for calculation, and if the dimensional weight is higher while Shipping from India to Nepal Parcel, then volumetric weight shall be considered for calculation. So do weighing and volumetric calculations yourself, and know which is higher, use the following formula for accounting:-

India to Nepal Shipping Time

Don’t worry about the pickup locations. Naveen Cargo & Courier Express has partnered with top-notch logistic services solutions like DHL, FexEx, and Aramax International, having many hubs all over India. We have quick and fast pickup services from Pan India. You may send couriers from Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur, Gurgaon, or anywhere in India with Full Satisfaction.

Documents required for International Courier Services from India to Nepal

Naveen Cargo & Courier, a logistic service provider is specialized in International Courier Services both air and surface and has an expert team for its documentation. We shall help in clearing customs without any hassle. We require the following documents to send your parcel from India to anywhere in Nepal. We can also help you if you don’t have these documents, in that case, contact our customer support team for any alternatives.

Documents required for sending personal couriers from India to Nepal
  • List of Items that you are sending has a value of less than Rs 25,000/-.
  • Consigner KYC Documents like Aadhar cards, Pan Cards, Voter Cards or Passport Copy, etc.
  • Bill of item/items if it is newly purchased.

Documents required for sample product couriers from India to Nepal

  • Photo ID Of Authorized Signatory
  • Sign proof of the Company’s Authorized Signatory
  • Address Proof of Company
  • GST Registration number of Shipper
  • Performa Invoice or simply a packaging list

Documents required for sending commercial couriers from India to Nepal

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Airway Bill/ Bill of Laden
  • AD Code (Must registered with related custom)
  • Purchase Order or Letter of Credit
  • Shipper’s Letter of Instruction
  • Import Export Code of Consigner
  • Exim Code of Consignee
  • Test Report/ Inspection Certificate or Certificate of Origin
  • ID Proofs of Consignee

Documents required for sending Liquids, Chemical Powder (Sample) from India to Nepal

  • Packaging List
  • MSDS Certificate
  • Lab Reports/COA/Test Report
  • Non-Dangerous Goods confirmation
  • ID Proofs of Consignee
  • GST Copy & Pan Copy of the shipping company

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1. How should I pack the parcel to be sent from Delhi to Nepal?

Yes, Naveen Cargo & Courier provides free packaging services for its customers in Delhi. For customers outside Delhi, basic packing has to be done by the consigner. Once the parcel is received in our warehouse in Delhi, we may do repacking or send it as packed as per international standards.

Que 2. What is the delivery time of the parcel to Nepal?

When you book through Naveen Courier & Cargo, your estimated transit time will be 4-6 working days. This time shall be calculated from shipping from our HO Delhi and 6 working days may be calculated accordingly.

Que 3. When do we need to make the payment for the courier to Nepal?

Firstly, you need to make a small advance payment while booking the shipment with our network, and later once the parcel is received at HO Delhi Warehouse, we will share the GST invoice and payment link so that you can easily make the payment.

Que 4. What are the customs duties applied in Nepal?

Generally, minimal or no duties are applied to personal goods or gifts sent to Nepal. In case duties are applied at the customs office, it needs to be paid by the consignee in Nepal. For that, kindly mentioned the consignee’s Mobile No, email, and address clearly.

Que 5. What documents are required to send a parcel from Delhi to Nepal?

Two personal IDs and the KYC of the consigner are required to send a courier from India to Nepal.

Que 6. Should we need to drop the parcel off at Naveen Courier & Cargo warehouse or it will be picked up from our address?

We offer two types of options to our customers. If you want to drop the parcel at our address, you will be offered a discount of INR 20/kg. We can also pick up the parcel from your address.

Que 7. How to track my Parcel Delivery?

Naveen Courier & Cargo provide tracking details once the parcel is dispatched to Nepal. You can track it on the official website of the carrier.

Que 8. Do you offer Duty Paid Services?

Duty Paid Services are available for certain countries. You can contact and +91-9319418930 to know more.

Que 9. Do we need to provide the invoice for the products?

No, only 2 IDs of the consigner are required to send the parcel to Nepal.

Que 10. What is chargeable weight and how it’s calculated?

The higher the actual weight and volumetric weight the chargeable weight. If the actual weight is 15 KGs and the volumetric weight is 20 KGs, the chargeable weight will be 20 KGs. You can learn more about volumetric weight here

Que 11. Can I send homemade food to Nepal?

Yes, we can send homemade food to Nepal, however, contact us at and +91-9319418930 to know more.

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Adverse Impact of Coronavirus on Logistic Industry : 2020-2022

In the current situation all around the world, it is very challenging to send or receive courier, parcels, online medicines, Amazon products and many daily use items and it is the only due to adverse impact of Coronavirus on logistic industry. Continue reading “Adverse Impact of Coronavirus on Logistic Industry : 2020-2022”

4 Different Types of Transportation: A Comprehensive Overview


Transportation plays a crucial role in our daily lives, enabling the movement of people and goods from one place to another. There are various modes of transportation available, each serving different purposes and catering to specific needs. In this article, I will explore the four main types of transportation: road freight, sea freight, air freight, and train transport. Understanding these modes of transportation can help us appreciate the complexity and efficiency of global logistics networks.

Road Transportation: Among Versatile Types of Transporation

Road freight is a popular choice for transporting goods across the globe due to its versatility and accessibility. Whether it is a small package or a large shipment, road types of transportation provide a reliable and efficient means of delivery. Trucks and lorries are the primary vehicles used for road freight, offering the flexibility to transport goods to remote locations or areas with limited infrastructure.

Naveen Associates Road Transport.jpg

One of the advantages of road freight is the door-to-door service it provides. Unlike other modes of transportation, road freight allows for transporting goods directly from the point of origin to the final destination, eliminating the need for additional handling and transfers. This saves time and reduces the risk of damage or loss during transit.

Furthermore, road freight offers flexibility in terms of scheduling and routes. With a vast network of roads connecting cities and towns, goods can be transported at any time and to any location, providing convenience to both businesses and consumers. However, it is important to consider factors such as traffic congestion and road conditions that may affect road freight efficiency.

Sea Transportation: The Backbone of Global Trade

When it comes to the types of transportation of goods on a massive scale, sea freight is the undisputed leader. Accounting for more than 90% of all goods transported worldwide, ships play a crucial role in global trade. With their immense capacity, ships can carry large quantities of goods across vast distances, connecting continents and enabling international commerce.

Naveen Associates sea transport.jpg

Sea freight offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness and the ability to transport a wide variety of goods. Due to the large volumes carried by ships, the cost per unit of transportation is relatively low compared to other modes. This makes sea freight an attractive option for businesses looking for types of transportation of goods in bulk or those dealing with heavy and bulky items.

Moreover, ships can transport a diverse range of goods, including raw materials, finished products, and even vehicles. The development of specialized container systems has further enhanced the efficiency of sea freight, allowing for the easy handling and transfer of goods between different modes of transportation.

Air Transportation: Speed and Efficiency Types of Transportation

When time is of the essence, air freight becomes the go-to choice for transporting goods. With its unparalleled speed and global accessibility, air transportation offers a convenient method to move smaller shipments long distances. Whether it is perishable goods, high-value items, or urgent deliveries, air freight ensures prompt delivery to meet tight deadlines.

Naveen Associates air transportation.jpg

One of the significant advantages of air freight is the minimal transit time it offers. Unlike other modes of transportation, which may take days or weeks, air shipments can reach their destination within hours. This makes air freight ideal for industries such as e-commerce, where quick and reliable delivery is crucial for customer satisfaction.

Additionally, air freight provides a high level of security and safety for valuable or sensitive goods. Airlines adhere to strict regulations and employ advanced tracking systems to ensure the smooth handling and transportation of goods. The ability to track shipments in real time further enhances the transparency and accountability of air freight services.

Trains Transportation: Reliability and Efficiency

Trains have long been an integral part of logistics routes, particularly in Europe and North America, where rail networks are comprehensive. Trains offer a reliable and efficient means of transportation for both goods and passengers, connecting various cities and regions across vast distances.

Naveen Associates Train Transportation.jpg

One of the advantages of trains is their ability to transport large volumes of goods efficiently. With their long trains and multiple wagons, trains can carry significant quantities of goods, making them ideal for industries such as mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. The use of specialized containers and freight cars further enhances the efficiency of train transportation.

Moreover, trains are known for their energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact compared to other modes of transportation. Trains consume less fuel per ton-mile, making them a greener alternative for transporting goods over long distances. This sustainability aspect has led to an increased focus on utilizing train transportation to reduce carbon emissions and promote eco-friendly logistics solutions.

In conclusion, the four types of transportation – road freight, sea freight, air freight, and trains – play crucial roles in the global movement of people and goods. Each mode offers distinct advantages and caters to specific needs, whether it is versatility, cost-effectiveness, speed, or efficiency. Understanding these transportation options allows businesses and individuals to make informed decisions and optimize their logistics strategies for seamless and reliable transportation of goods across the globe.

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To learn more about the intricacies of transportation and logistics, and how they can benefit your business, get in touch with our team of experts today. We are here to provide tailored solutions and support your logistical needs. We have registered our presence with our exclusive network in the CourierExpress Cargo (FTL & LTL), and transportation industries in India and Nepal.

We have good relations and bonds to serve in Nepal from Delhi NCR. Naveen Associates is also engaged in the logistic business from India to Nepal Transport Services. We are providing a reliable, proficient, and operative logistics service at a very reasonable price. With more than 7 years of experience in this field, we have a highly dedicated, experienced, professional, and innovative team in providing quality service to our valuable customers.

Our Services:-


Efficient Delhi to Nepal Transport Service: Your Trusted Partner for Seamless Travel

## Introduction to Delhi to Nepal Transport Service

As a frequent traveler between Delhi and Nepal, I understand the importance of a reliable transport service. The journey from Delhi to Nepal can be quite challenging, with long distances, varying terrains, and border crossings. That’s why I highly recommend hiring a professional transport service to ensure a seamless travel experience. In this article, I will discuss the advantages of hiring a Delhi to Nepal transport service, factors to consider when choosing one, the different types of transport services available, and essential tips for a hassle-free journey.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Delhi to Nepal Transport Service

There are numerous advantages to hiring a professional transport service for your journey from Delhi to Nepal. First and foremost, it provides convenience and peace of mind. By relying on experienced professionals, you can relax and focus on enjoying your trip, rather than worrying about logistics and navigation.

Additionally, a professional transport service offers reliability and punctuality. They understand the importance of sticking to schedules and ensuring that you reach your destination on time. This is especially crucial if you have important appointments or connecting flights to catch.

Moreover, a transport service provides comfort and safety. They have well-maintained vehicles equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable journey. Professional drivers are trained to handle various road conditions, giving you peace of mind during the entire trip.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Transport Service

When selecting a transport service for your journey from Delhi to Nepal, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, reliability and reputation should be at the top of your list. Look for a transport service with a proven track record of providing excellent service and customer satisfaction. Reading online reviews and testimonials can help you gauge their reputation.

Next, consider the range of services offered by the transport service. Do they provide door-to-door pick-up and drop-off? Do they offer assistance with border crossings and customs procedures? These additional services can make your journey much smoother and hassle-free.

Another crucial factor is the availability of different vehicle options. Depending on your preferences and group size, you may require a sedan, SUV, or even a minibus. A transport service that offers a variety of vehicles ensures that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Different Types of Transport Services Available

Transport service providers offer various options to cater to different travel preferences and budgets. One popular choice is a private car or taxi service. This option provides personalized transport from Delhi to Nepal Transport Service with the flexibility to stop at different attractions along the way.

If you prefer a more economical option, shared transport services are available. These services operate on fixed routes and schedules, allowing you to share the journey with other travelers. While this may involve a slightly longer travel time, it can be a cost-effective choice for solo travelers or small groups.

For larger groups or those seeking a luxurious experience, there are transport services that offer chartered buses or vans. These vehicles provide ample space for both passengers and luggage, ensuring a comfortable journey for everyone.

Tips for a Seamless Travel Experience

To make your journey from Delhi to Nepal as smooth as possible, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

1.Plan ahead: Research your transport options and book in advance to secure your preferred service and departure time.
2.Pack wisely: Consider the weather conditions and pack accordingly. Don’t forget essential items such as travel documents, comfortable clothing, and any necessary medications.
3.Stay informed: Keep yourself updated on the latest travel advisories, border crossing requirements, and any specific regulations related to the ongoing pandemic.
4.Communicate your needs: If you have any specific requirements or preferences, such as a non-smoking vehicle or assistance with border procedures, communicate them to the transport service provider when booking.
5.Stay connected: Ensure that you have a reliable means of communication throughout the journey. Carry a fully charged phone and have the contact details of the transport service provider readily available.

Safety Measures Taken by Transporter

In the current global scenario, ensuring the safety of travelers is of utmost importance. Reputable transport service providers have implemented several safety measures to protect their passengers. These measures may include regular sanitization of vehicles, mandatory mask-wearing for drivers and passengers, and temperature checks before boarding. Some services may also limit the number of passengers per vehicle to maintain social distancing.

It is advisable to inquire about the specific safety measures implemented by the transport service provider before booking. This will help you make an informed decision and choose a service that prioritizes your well-being.

Cost Considerations for Delhi to Nepal Transport

Cost is an important factor to consider when choosing a transport service. The prices may vary depending on the type of service, vehicle, and additional amenities provided. Private transport services generally tend to be more expensive compared to shared ones.

While it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest option available, it is essential to consider the overall value for money. A slightly higher price may be justified if it guarantees reliability, comfort, and excellent service. Remember to compare prices, read customer reviews, and evaluate the services offered to make an informed decision.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Here are a few testimonials from satisfied customers who have used transport services for their journey from Delhi to Nepal:-

 “I had an excellent experience with Naveen Transport Services. The driver was professional, the vehicle was comfortable, and we reached our destination on time. Highly recommended!” Waseem Khan


 “I was initially skeptical about hiring a transport service, but Naveen Transport exceeded my expectations. The driver was courteous, the vehicle was clean, and the entire journey was smooth. I will use their services again.” Rahul Srivastava


 “I cannot thank Naveen Transport enough for their exceptional service. They went above and beyond to ensure our safety and comfort throughout the journey. I would choose them again without hesitation.” Rajpal Singh Shekhawat

How to Book a Delhi to Nepal Transport Service

Booking a Delhi to Nepal transport service is a straightforward process. Most transport service providers have online booking platforms, allowing you to conveniently select your travel dates, preferred vehicle type, and any additional services you require. Alternatively, you can also contact them via phone or email to make a reservation.


Before booking, ensure that you have all the necessary travel documents, such as passports and visas. It is advisable to book well in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure your preferred service.

Conclusion: Why Choosing a Reliable Transport Service is Essential for a Hassle-Free Journey

In conclusion, choosing a reliable transport service is crucial for a hassle-free journey from Delhi to Nepal Transport service. Whether you opt for a private car, shared service, or a chartered vehicle, hiring professionals ensures convenience, punctuality, and safety. Consider factors such as reputation, services offered, and vehicle options when making your choice. By following the provided tips and staying informed, you can have a seamless travel experience. Book your Delhi to Nepal transport service in advance, pack wisely, and communicate your needs to the service provider. Remember, a reliable transport service is your trusted partner for a stress-free journey.

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Best Courier Charges for Kathmandu from Delhi-Mob 9319418930

Naveen Associates is a well-known name in the Courier Industry for its cheapest Courier Charges for Kathmandu from Delhi.

We are a leading Airport Cargo Service Provider in India with a successful journey. We are also known for its quality services and Best Cargo Services in Delhi NCR.

Continue reading “Best Courier Charges for Kathmandu from Delhi-Mob 9319418930”


What is the Best Courier Services? Best Services means happy clients and good customer service by helping them in understanding their requirements properly and fulfilling their requirement.

Creating yourself as a brand is only possible by providing the best services. Making your system efficient and friendly, you can help your customers and grow your business as well. Continue reading “BEST COURIER SERVICES IN DELHI NCR : Mob 9319418930”

What is POD meaning in Courier? Best Definition in 2024

What is POD meaning in Courier? It is Proof of Delivery (POD) and abbreviated as POD. POD meaning in Hindi is डिलीवरी का सबूत which means the documents which can be shown as proof. In many courier companies, it is also known as Delivery Run Sheet (DRS). It is a documented proof showing that the recipient has received the consignment.

Proof of Delivery is taken in the form of Name, Signature, and Date of receiving. It also confirms the delivery date, time, person, and number of packets of the recipient in case of multiple documents.

With the signature of the recipient on the Proof of Delivery, a consignment gets completed. This is documentary proof for the record and affects four persons/parties involved in despatched goods.

Actually Proof of Delivery is the last document of any consignment whereas the initial document is known as Consignment Note (C.Note). In the local language, C. Notes are also called POD which is not right. Both documents are separate but known as POD in casual.

POD meaning in Courier?

A POD (Proof of Delivery) is a simple piece of paper given by a courier company to a client or customer upon successful completion of the client’s delivery of his or her products. It is a printed document on which the delivery boy takes the signature of the recipient.

A consignment note is documented by the Branch Associates for his client with all the details i.e. Date of booking, Originator address, Type of services, recipient address, weight, rate, Date, Bill amount, volumetric weight, contact number, and much more.

A sample of the Consignment Note is given below for information.

pod meaning in courier



A Consignment note is also known as a Delivery Note/Shipper. It is a printed document issued by Courier Company comprising a transport contract. But in the local language, people assume consignment notes as Proof of Delivery.

A consignment note is documented by the Branch Associates for his client with all the details i.e. Date of booking, Originator address, Type of services, recipient address, weight, rate, Date, Bill amount, volumetric weight, contact number, and much more.

A sample of the Consignment Note is given below for information.



Overnite Express has five types of Consignment Notes or Delivery Notes. Details in particulars are given below for your reference of the readers. Each proof of delivery has a unique POD Number for tracking the shipment.

In each delivery Note, four leaves are available for four different persons namely shipper, receiver, booking office, and courier company. Subjective details are as under: –

1. Overnite Air Consignment Note

2. Overnite Priority Consignment Note.

3. Overnite Consignment Note Up to 3 Kg.

4. Overnite Consignment Note above 3 Kg.

5. Overnite International Consignment Note


1. Overnite Air Consignment Note: –

Air Consignment Note is a unique type of C. Note which is only used for an air shipment. A few items should clearly be mentioned by the courier boy or courier office for the convenience of the shipper.

(a) The date should be mentioned.

(b) No of pieces or the parcel should be mentioned.

(c) Origin and destination should be written properly.

(d) Branch Associate (BA) Name, address, and their Code have been written clearly.

(e) Shipper Address with Contact Number and Consignee details should be mentioned clearly on POD and the same should be pasted by printing on the packet. The address on the packet and Consignment Note are a dual system of checking before delivery. So it is recommended that ensure you have taken a printout of the From Address and To address and have posted them properly.

(f) Amount taken for courier services by the agency or Courier Company.

(g) Signature of the agent or courier company.



The first copy of the consignment note is attached to the parcel. On reaching the destination, the delivery boy signs the copy as Proof of Delivery and updates it on the web portal for the information of the shipper, courier branch Associate, and Courier Company for their records.




The second copy of the consignment note is handed over to the shipper for his records. With the help of a tracking number, the shipper can track his shipment. On reaching the destination, the delivery boy receives the signature of the recipient as Proof of Delivery and updates on the web portal. Shippers can also view the records of transit on the web portal.


The shipper can also see the recipient’s name, sign, and date of receiving on proof of delivery and can make sure about his shipment. In case the shipment is stuck in transit, he/she can call customer care about the reason for the delay and can ask for speedy delivery.

While booking your couriers with Overnight Couriers, it is recommended to adhere to all terms and conditions mentioned below.

  • Shipper or Consignor having details i.e. name, address, and phone or mobile number.
  • Consignee with clearly mentioned details i.e. name, address, and phone or mobile number.
  • Origin of booking.
  • Destination or Delivery details (Place of delivery)
  • Dox (Documents)/ Non-Dox (Parcel or shipment.
  • The number of pieces of consignment.
  • The weight of the parcel or the consignment.
  • Mode of transportation i.e. Air Services / Train Services / Surface Services
  • Details of Contents or Air Way Bill copy
  • Value of consignment as per Air Way Bill
  • Copy of Insurance, if the value of the consignment is above Rs. 1000/-
  • Invoice, Declaration, and concerned documents or sales tax form for commercial shipments.
  • All valuable shipments will be taken in open condition.

Overnite Customer care numbers: –

NORTH REGION (Overnite Courier Services)
Delhi (Overnite Courier Services): +91-90150 40000

Jaipur (Overnite Courier Services): 0141-4532100

: +91-95499 76920

Ghaziabad (Overnite Courier Services): 0120-2855606/07/2855562/2855620/3985900

: +91-96253 16462/98730 61625

Lucknow (Overnite Courier Servic0es): 0522-4301109

: +91-9354 925121/ 78350 00790/75710 09354

Chandigarh (Overnite Courier Services): 0172-2632975

: +91-85588 36532/85588 36543/85588 365435

Ludhiana (Overnite Courier Services): 0161-5014883

: +91-85588 36550/85588 36549

SOUTH REGION (Overnite Courier Services)
Chennai (Overnite Courier Services): +91-89398 35319

Hyderabad (Overnite Courier Services): +91-88866 11536

Kochi (Overnite Courier Services): +91-93184 91964,

Bangalore (Overnite Courier Services): +91-73386 60047/ 73386 60049

WEST REGION (Overnite Courier Services)
Mumbai(Overnite Courier Services): 022 71848400

: +91-96198 94217

Nagpur(Overnite Courier Services) : 0712-2789439
: +91-70660 38008
Pune (Overnite Courier Services): 020-26442544

: +91-9823869160/9823865176,

Ahmedabad(Overnite Courier Services): +91-90166 63064

Baroda(Overnite Courier Services): 0265-2354585/2344880/6640904/6640905 Ext. No. 111 & 112

: 1-96387 78407

EAST REGION(Overnite Courier Services)
Kolkata(Overnite Courier Services): 033-30274200
: +91-90150 40000
Patna(Overnite Courier Services): +91-96253 15210/96253 15211

CENTRAL ZONE(Overnite Courier Services)
Bhopal(Overnite Courier Services): 0755-4205177: +91-93549 38270

Guwahati (Overnite Courier Services): 0361–2207081/82/83

: +91-69012 20456 / 69012 20457

Overnite Express HeadOffice: –

Overnite Express Ltd, Overnite House,
11099-C, East Park Road, New Delhi-110005, India
Tel: +91-11-23510131(5Lines) fax: +91-11-23516164

Overnite Express E-Mail ID for correspondence: –


Overnite Express Online Complaint or Overnite Express Query: – Click Here

Have a query? Please write in the columns below

How to do courier tracking with POD Number?

Search on Google for the services provider and go to track/Tracking.



Generally, consignment notes are three copies but in some courier companies, four copies are used. EDP copy is for the concerned Courier Company which is providing courier services. This copy is specially used for DP Clients who are directly linked with the courier company.


What is Electronic Data Processing (EDP) in Courier Services?

EDP is abbreviated as electronic data processing. The term is not used frequently in the term. It is also known as IS-Information Services or System.

EDP copy is used for electronic data process with the help of computers. EDP copy is used for barcode scanning and other electronic communication programs.



The fourth copy of the delivery note is held by the courier Branch Associate or the courier company outlet for their internal records and financial perspective. Branch Associates submit this copy to their client for monthly billing purposes.



2. Overnite Priority Consignment Note.


The first copy of the Priority consignment note is attached to the parcel. On reaching the destination, it is signed by the recipient as Proof of Delivery and updated on the web portal for the information of the shipper, courier branch Associate, and Courier Company for their records.



The shipper may check the recipient’s name, sign, and date of receiving online proof of delivery and can make sure of reaching his shipment. The shipper can also verify the current status in route. , he/she can call customer care about the reason for the delay and can ask for speedy delivery. While booking your couriers with Overnite Couriers, it is recommended to adhere to all terms and conditions mentioned below.



The third copy of the Priority consignment note is for Accounts purposes. For all financial purposes and official records, this copy is held.



The fourth copy of the Priority consignment note is for the courier Branch Associate or the courier company outlet for financial purposes. Branch Associates may submit this copy to their client for monthly billing.


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