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Why Courier Services are a Good Business Idea in 2024?

Yes, Courier Services is a good Business Idea in modern time. It is a Business Idea with low investment and high profit. Not only it can give you a maximize profit but also a good career potential. Courier Services Business is growing with double-digit growth and this Business idea can open the golden gate of your fortune.

The business of Courier Services and Parcel worldwide is growing due to the availability of fastest means of transportation and commutation. Now the courier business area is not limited up to your country, but widening throughout the world.

Courier services including parcels are provided on a door-to-door basis. A courier is a firm/company or person who delivers couriers, items and parcels.

Type of market segment of Courier Services:-

1. Air Transport

2. Land Transport

3. Sea Transport

Market segment by Application of courier Services are split into the following:-

1. Business-to-business (B2B)

2. Business-to-consumer (B2C)

3. Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)

Have you thought any Business idea to start?

A franchise of Courier Services is offered by many companies in India. This business idea is not a new one on which you want to make research. This business is ongoing with steady pace from last 30 years in India. The present progress of courier industry is also increasing on year on year basis. Starting with this business idea is a very good idea to think about. If you are considering starting your own business, this business idea can change your life and future as well.

Why should you start a Courier Business?

According to Market Research Hub (MRH) report titled “Global Courier Express and Parcel Market Size, Status and Forecast 2025” indicates a double-digit growth of the sector in near future.

This report also covers information about the production industry, consumption of produced goods and supplies and future growth of Courier Services.

India, China, and Japan are the key revenue contributors to the courier services market. It is possible due to the factors such as the rise in demand for retail products and good economic growth (GDP) of China and India.

With the substantial focus towards the development of organized retail and e-commerce, the demand for courier services witnesses massive growth in the coming years. So it is recommended to start this business as soon as possible.

How to start a Courier Business?

Many among us are an adviser or commentator. But giving all particulars and accurate knowledge is a bit difficult. Every person is not known to all formalities -How to Start a Courier Services Office. Here I shall provide each and every detail to take into account before working on a new Business idea of Courier Services.

You can start a new business of courier services with minimum expenditure within your reach. It requires some basic equipment, office, and transportation.

You can start thinking about this business idea from your shop, home or can rent out space. You can start with your own vehicle, car, van, and can upgrade more vehicles as needed when your business grows. To apply for GST, the following are required:-


1. Office Space – You can create an office in a separate room of your home which has an entrance and exit on the main road. This is the best business idea if you are staying in State Capitals, Main Cities or Towns. Office space at home in the rural area is not OK.

You should select a place like a bus stand, the main entrance of the home, Near Panchayat Bhavan, Near Community Centre. Hope you have got the idea.

2. Give a Name to your Business Idea – For a new business idea, you must create a name for your Courier Services business. Think deeply and register the name with GST.

To apply for GST, the following documents are compulsory.

(a) PAN Card

For all financial business including courier services, PAN Card is mandatory. For filing of GST, scanned copy of your PAN Card is the first document. It is not only required for courier services but must require in all sort of business ideas.

(b) Aadaar Card

Nowadays, Aadaar card is also got the status of mandatory documents. As you know that all banks accounts have got connected with Aadaar and PAN Card now. Therefore, you also need to obtain a scanned copy of your Aadaar Card.

(c) Mobile Number

Mobile number is required for all communication purpose related to GST services. GST registration process requires your mobile number of OTP. In the same way, mobile number is also very important for courier services.

(d) Bank Account Proof

Scanned copy of the first page of bank passbook with Bank Statement or a canceled cheque containing the name of the Proprietor or Business entity, Bank Account No., MICR, IFSC and Branch Codes for registration are mandatory.

(e) Address of Principal Place of Business

(i) The latest copy of Property Tax Receipt or Municipal Khata copy or the copy of the Electricity Bill for ownership of the self-premises.

(ii) A copy of the Rent Agreement with any document in support of the ownership of the premises of the Lessor i.e. Property Tax Receipt or Municipal Khata copy or Photostat copy of latest Electricity Bill. An affidavit to that effect along with any document in support of the possession of the premises like the copy of electricity bill is acceptable if rent agreement is not available.

(iii) In case the place of business is located in an SEZ area or the applicant is an SEZ developer, then all necessary documents and certificates issued by Government of India are required to be submitted while applying for GST.

(iv) In few other cases, a copy of the consent letter of the owner of the premises with his personal document in support of the ownership of the premises of the Consenter like Municipal Khata copy or Electricity Bill copy is mandatory. If you are in the discussion which is a shared property, the same documents can be required for applying of GST.

(j) Soft Copy of Passport size Photographs

Photographs are also required for GST filing as you receive the final soft copy of GST certificate, the photograph is found on the third page of your certificate.

(k) Firm Name, which you have finalized.

(l) Digital Signatures:-

It is important to have a digital signature of authorized persons to sign the GST registration application.


1. Decide on your segment of working – Local Cash Couriers, Business Customers or both.  If you want to select a Branch/Franchise office of any Courier Company, for depth knowledge about courier franchise provider companies, please read my blog at

2. Decide whether you want Personal Gift items package, Small Office related Couriers, Perishable Good, Big packages of industries or Hotel and Tourism Companies.

3. Check rates being charged in your area by personal visits can obtain knowledge from known persons of courier services, relatives.

4. Research your rates in comparison with others and finalize your quotation on which you can finally work.

5. Make your quotation, 20-30% above your finalized rates, as your clients will cut some extra prices while negotiating. This business idea actually works perfectly and you have some buffer.

6. Create a beautiful Business website of Courier Services of your own, if you have some knowledge. If you don’t have any knowledge related to this, please visit our website. We shall make it for you at very affordable prices. You can also call at Mob No 7827285782 or 9319418930. You can also visit our Google page and can also visit the office physically.

7. Add your website name on all business cards, pamphlets, brochures, and advertising material.

8. Create your Facebook Account is also an added advantage of the business idea. You can also share your site through Linkedin, Reddit and other social media marketing site for promotion of your business idea of courier services.

8. You can place your sites in all search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu etc for promotional purpose. Growing traffic on your website also increase awareness of all search engines and proves to be a good business idea of growth.

9. Now start your business development work with full strength and start visiting at Business Organization, Office Complexes, Hospitals, School, Companies, Banks, Hotel, Small-scale Industries etc. Make sure to find out the right candidate and meet him personally. Make sure to leave your business card and brochure of courier services.

10. Meet security guards and Estate Managers of residential buildings. Even on calling for pickup of a single courier, go and pick up and give warm welcome to your clients.

11. You can also leave some pamphlets at the retail outlet to attract residential customers near your office.

12. Advertise your courier services in local cable, pamphlets through newspapers and handbill distribution.

13. You can also advertise your courier services through Justdial, Sulekha, Indiamart,  Yellow pages, Google My  Business and Bing Business page.

14. Make a list of all clients, contact them regularly and create a database to regular mailing.

15. Always reach timely when your clients call for pickups. Prompting in your courier services will give a boost to your business.


1. Maintain a register of your pickups and deliveries. Arrive at your delivery and pickup center early. Distribute your couriers as per plan or timings are given by the Courier Services Company.

2. Hire new staff as your business grow. Create your dispatch center for smooth functioning.

3. Focus on your core business and business development regularly.

Documentation required to Setup your Courier Services Business

1. GST Number for Govt. norms in India.

2. Franchise License of a reputed company.

3. Business Cards, Fliers & Brochures.

4. Couriers Services Related Website.

5. Computer, Printer, Internet, Mobile Phones.

6. Reception Table, Cupboard, Sitting Arrangement.

7. Weighing machine up to 10 kg and 100 kg (One each) for weighing your packets).

8. Drinking Water and Tea/Coffee Arrangements.


In conclusion, starting with this business idea will be very fruitful and career oriented. People have reached on top for a period of 2-3 years of working. Be your own boss and work as per your strength and will.

Only things require passion, motivated and smart ways of working to grow your business. You can consult on exact costing, items procurement, and Govt norms. Surely will suggest you on other ways of earning besides this office in no other costing.

Thanks for sparing your most valuable time, keep reading!!!